Off-track garage doors Oklahoma City

off-track-garage-door-repairAn off-track garage door is not just unattractive but it may also be utterly dangerous and unsteady. It is not shrewd to deal with this type of door with inexperienced hands or simply automatic garage door opener, as the door may become totally damaged or carry risks to life.

Why garage doors get off-track

One of the most common reasons for off-track doors, is when one or both of the garage door cables break. These cables help to counteract the weight of the door and steer it during its journey down and up the tracks. Garage door cables work a long time if there is no harsh handling, hence primary reason for their damage is wear and tear.

Garage doors may be off-track because of some other reasons aside from cable damage. Occasionally your garage door can become loose from its trails, due to a blockage, or from something colliding with it-hard. For example, if you had mistakenly put your car into reverse when the garage door was still closed, the crash may cause the door to derail from its-tracks.

Oklahoma City Garage Door Pros to the Rescue

We strongly suggest, for safety reasons, that you never attempt to repair off track garage doors alone. Oklahoma City Garage Door Pros is a trusted company which you may employ for any kind of garage door troubles including derailing issues. Our skilled, certified technicians are trained in efficiently managing this precise repair task, with the following four-step procedure:

1. Check the tracks for any physical signs of damage (i.e. bent, broken, and so forth.) and ensure that they are properly aligned and strongly secured to the garage walls.

2. Restore or straighten the tracks and adjust the roller alignment.

3. Clean the tracks of any rubble or accumulation and lubricate with commercial grade oil.

4. Final inspection of the garage door to make certain there is not missing components.

The level of expertise and customer support of Oklahoma City Garage Door Pros is unparallel in the territory and we are simply a call away to send a friendly team to handle your garage door issue. We are out there, with fully-stocked trucks and top-quality parts, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week. We try our best to answer quickly which is commonly within a day!

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